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    President:: Elisha Chin
    We are volunteers raising funds and awareness for a treatment and ultimately a cure for Huntington disease. While this promising research is ongoing, we try to improve the lives of families affected by HD.

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    We also work closely with HSC's Resource Centre Director.

  • Resource Centre

    Southern Alberta Resource Centre
    Karl Lottes, MA, RSW

    102,  5636 Burbank Crescent SE, Calgary Alberta T2H 1Z6
    Westech Building

    Telephone: 403-532-0609
    Cell: 403-801-3459
    Fax: 403- 532-3952

  • Huntington Society of Canada


  • HD Buzz

    HD research news.  In plain language.  Written by scientists. For the global HD community.

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Genetics of HD

See also our page on Genetic Discrimination

Genetics of Huntington disease
by Kansas University

Huntington Disease fact sheet
by Centre for Genetics Education (Australia)

Huntington’s Chorea: Evolution and Genetic Disease
Huntington’s chorea is a devastating human genetic disease. A close look at its genetic origins and evolutionary history explains its persistence and points to a potential solution to this population-level problem.

In Search of Large Families:  Kinships That Hold Clues to Disease
Blazing a Genetic Trail.  A report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


GE3LS: Genomics and Society
GE3LS stands for genomics and its related ethical, economic, environmental, legal and social aspects. GE3LS research complements genomics projects by addressing questions that lie at the interface between science and society.

Genome Canada
Genome Canada – a not-for-profit organization established in February 2000 – was given a mandate by the Government of Canada to develop and implement a national strategy for supporting large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects, for the benefit

Genome Alberta
Genome Alberta strives to be the leading source of information and administration related to genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and bioethics research in Alberta. We are dedicated to informing students, researchers, research organizations, our partners, and the public regarding opportunities and challenges in genomics and proteomics, and in encouraging the development of a vibrant and vigorous Life Sciences research industry in Alberta.

Genetic Alliance (USA)
Genetic Alliance is the world’s leading nonprofit health advocacy organization committed to transforming health through genetics and promoting an environment of openness centered on the health of individuals, families, and communities.  Genetic Alliance’s network includes more than 1,000 disease-specific advocacy organizations as well as thousands of universities, private companies, government agencies, and public policy organizations. The network is a dynamic and growing open space for shared resources, creative tools, and innovative programs.

Genetic Alliance (UK)
Genetic Alliance UK seeks to improve the lives of people affected by genetic conditions by ensuring that high quality services and information are available to all who need them.

Understanding Genetics
A Guide for Patients and Professionals from Genetic Alliance

Canadian Gene Cure Foundation
The CGCF supports excellence in human genetics research. Our goal is to raise funds to enable scientists to discover cures and treatments for genetic disorders. The Foundation awards grants annually to cutting-edge Canadian scientists forging significant scientific discoveries. We also recognize the importance of mentoring Canada’s future scientists, supporting educational opportunities for high school students and awarding scholarships to encourage physician scientists. And we proudly support networking opportunities in which scientists can exchange ideas and work cooperatively, linking advances in different disease areas.