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    President:: Elisha Chin
    We are volunteers raising funds and awareness for a treatment and ultimately a cure for Huntington disease. While this promising research is ongoing, we try to improve the lives of families affected by HD.

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    We also work closely with HSC's Resource Centre Director.

  • Resource Centre

    Southern Alberta Resource Centre
    Karl Lottes, MA, RSW

    102,  5636 Burbank Crescent SE, Calgary Alberta T2H 1Z6
    Westech Building

    Telephone: 403-532-0609
    Cell: 403-801-3459
    Fax: 403- 532-3952

  • Huntington Society of Canada


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    HD research news.  In plain language.  Written by scientists. For the global HD community.

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Predictive Testing

Personal Perspectives on Genetic Testing for Huntington Disease
A collection of stories compiled and edited by Susan M. Cox, Ph.D.

Predictive Testing For Huntington Disease
The decision to undergo genetic testing is a very personal one and many people with a family of HD choose not to take the test. On the other hand, some people want to know whether they will eventually develop symptoms of the disease, so they can make plans regarding careers, insurance, family planning, and other issues.

Predictive Testing for Huntington’s Disease
by University of Virginia School of Medicine

Genetic Testing: How genetic disorders are inherited from the Mayo Clinic
Huntington’s disease and Marfan syndrome are two examples of autosomal dominant disorders.

Facing Life With a Lethal Gene
from the New York Times.
The test, the counselor said, had come back positive.  Katharine Moser inhaled sharply. She thought she was as ready as anyone could be to face her genetic destiny. She had attended a genetic counseling session and visited a psychiatrist, as required by the clinic. She had undergone the recommended neurological exam. And yet, she realized in that moment, she had never expected to hear those words.